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Antioxidant Means "عمل تکسید کو روکنے والا عامِل جو خصوصاً کھُلی ہوا میں رکھی ہوئی اشیا کے تحفظ کے لیے اِستعمال ہوتا ہے ۔" in Urdu. Welcome to Dictionary English to Urdu, this will really help you in finding urdu meanings of english words and phrases. Its main features are:
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Importance of English

English is really the global language and we can say it is the only language that can help us to communicate with others when we go to any European country. People all over the world try to Learn English as it has become the the need of time.

English to Urdu DictionaryIn Pakistan, there is also a craze of learning English and not only young guys and girls but old people also care for learning it as it is necessary language to work in offices and must for almost all kind of jobs. Keeping this in mind, we have worked hard to write english words and their meaning in urdu at this dictionary. You can ask for a meaning of any word not found here by visiting contact us form.

Active and Passive Voice

There are two special forms of verbs called VOICE are: Active Voice and Passive Voice

Definition and Examples of Active Voice: Active voice is a normal voice as we speak in our daily life. In active voice action is performed by the subject and received by the object. For example: I am writing a letter. In this sentence I (subject) is performing an action of writing. As in this sentence subject acts upon the verb and object (letter) receives the action, this sentence is said to be in the active voice. In simple words the verb form (or voice) in which the subject of the sentence performs the action expressed by the verb is known as active voice. So writing in active voice means forming sentences where subject causes or performs action. For more details please click this link:
Active and Passive Voice

English to Urdu

English to Urdu Translation is specially designed for Pakistani and Urdu speaking students who always look for urdu translation of difficult english words and sentences. For this purpose they search internet for translation websites & softwares. Google translation service is best of all translation & dictionary websites.