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English to Urdu Dictionaryat one place. If you want to translate english paragraph or sentence into urdu then you are at right place. We have added google translation link to help all those students and business personals who want to translate english into urdu. And of course English to Urdu Dictionary is the feature of this website. If you want English to Urdu Dictionary then Please Visit:=>> Dictionary English to Urdu Your suggestions and feedback will help us to make this site better and better in future to fulfill your needs and requirements.

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English to urdu translation is the need of time, every Pakistani and urdu speaking student want to translate

Learn Englishenglish sentences into urdu. They search here and there for this purpose. Fortunately Google has launched its translation service that offer translation not only from english to urdu but also from urdu to english. So people can translate english sentences and paragraphs into urdu language easily using only single click without paying even a single penny as it is absolutely free.There are many websites that offer online english to urdu translation services but Google and best and above all in quality and authenticity. Google english to urdu translation is 90% accurate and they might be working on it to make in 100%. It is not only free but also really easy to use as it has two simple columns one for english words or sentences and other for urdu meanings or translation. You just need to type English word, paragraph, sentence or even copy and past whole document into english columns and wow, you will immediately see your text's translation into urdu in right column.

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You can translate english words, sentences and paragraphs into urdu, using Google translator english to urdu. You just need to type or paste english words, or

English to Urdu Translation sentence or a paragraph into the column at left and when you will press translate you will see urdu meanings of that single word or words or sentence or paragraph. You can also rotate your mouse at the urdu meanings column and you will see that when you place your mouse on any urdu word in the right column, the english word will be highlighted in the left column which means for it. Click the link below For Online English to Urdu Translation.|ur|

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