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English is fundamentally the language of United Kingdom but now a days English is the the well known, most popular, and understood language all over the present world. It is spoken as a first language in several countries like England, America, Canada, Australia, Ireland and New Zealand. English is the third most commonly spoken language of the present world in terms of native speakers. However it is most commonly used as a second language than any other language of the world. English is also an official language of Pakistan as it is used as primary communication and written language in almost all kind of offices and organisations.
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Learning English Language in 100 Days

Many websites claim that they will teach English in such a ways that students can learn English language in 100 days. How is it possible? How we can learn a language having million of words and sentences in just 100 days? Of course it is not possible for us to learn English fully in 3 months time. Any how we can get basic knowledge of English language within few days by going to UK, USA, Canada or some other country where English is the native language of people and we have to communicate with them in English so in turn our English language speaking and understanding skills will be improved and it will help us to learn English more quickly.

Learn English in Urdu

We also offer English language course for students and English language learners. The specialty of this course is this that we have added urdu notes to help Pakistani students in learning english. These notes are in the form of pictures written by English language experts. As Urdu is the native language of Pakistani students so they always welcome all the efforts to teach them English in Urdu.
Let's start English language course from very beginning i.e. from Alphabets. As without knowing about alphabets we can't learn English. Click the link given below to learn english language alphabets in urdu.
English Language Alphabets
Capital and Small Letters
Definition of Vowels
Kinds of Sentences
Parts of Human Body
Forms of Verbs
Kinds of Tenses
Past Tense
Present Tense
Future Tense
Active and Passive Voice
Direct and Indirect Speech
Pair of Words
Syllabe Definition
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