Sounds of English Alphabets

English has 26 alphabets having 52 different sounds. There are 21 constant letters and 5 vowels in English language. Both constant and vowerl letters have their own sounds and help people to make words and sentences easily.
It is very important to practice different sounds of English alphabets while going for English language learning course. For urdu speakers who want to learn english I have uploaded a picture in which sounds of different English alphabets are written in Urdu language. With the help of this, students can easily pronounce difficult English words.
Sound of English Alphabets are: Aa (a), Bb (bee), Cc (see), Dd (dee), Ee (ee), Ff (ef), Gg (gee), Hh (aitch), Ii (aai), Jj (jay), Kk (kay), Ll (el), Mm (em), Nn (en), Oo (o), Pp (pee), Qq ( cue), Rr (ar), Ss (ess), Tt (tee), Uu (you), Vv (we), Ww (double you), Xx (ex), Yy (wye), Zz (zed or zee)
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