Four Kinds of Sentences

Sentences are important part of English speech, without sentences we can not explain our thoughts and ideas.
When we talk about types or kinds of sentences then we actually mean how they are built. There are four kinds of sentences. These are:
Declarative Sentences: These sentences make a statement.
Imperative Sentences: These sentences give an order or make a request.
Interrogative Sentences: These sentences ask a question.
Exclamation Sentences: These sentences express feelings of joy or sorrow.
each type of sentence ends with its own special punctuation mark and accomplieshes a different purpose. Every sentence we speak or write either states something, gives an order, asks a question, or expresses the feelings of joy or sorrow. If we try to write a sentence that doesn’t do one of the above written things then it will not be possible for us to do that.

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Kinds of Sentences in Urdu

Kinds of Sentences