Kinds of Tenses in English

In order to learn kinds of tenses, first of all we should know what is tense? Oh, I don't mean that "tense" what we feel in tension but this "tense" is relating time. Tense is a grammatical category of verbs or verbal inflection serving chiefly to specify the time of the action or used to express distinctions of time.
There are 3 types of tenses in English language.
Past Tense
Present Tense
Future Tense
Each type of tense is subdivided into another 4 types indicating specific and acute timing of the verb actions. These are:
Simple Tense (i.e. The sun rises in the East.)
Continuous Tense (I am writing English lesson.)
Perfect Tense (He has earned a lot of money.)
Perfect Continuous Tense (You will learn English very soon.)

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