What is Syllable? Definition and Examples

We often see there are different kinds of words in English some are small in lenght having maximum 2 to 8 alphabets and some are large in length having more than 10 alphabets. It is difficult to pronounce these words having more than 8 alphabets. To ease this we break down the words into shorter parts and spell them easily. This is known as syllable.
Definition of Syllable: In simple words we can define syllable as one or more letters representing a large word consisting of a single uninterrupted swquence of speech sound.
Syllable Examples: The word "Geography" is composed of three syllables: 'geo', 'gra', and 'phy'. Similarly the word "Handkerchief" is also composed of 3 syllables: 'hand', 'ker', and 'chief'.
Syllable Structure: Syllables are considered as the phonological "building blocks" of words. They also influence the rhythm of English language, its prosody, poetic meter and stress patterns.
Single syllable words are known as 'monosyllable', two syllables words are known as 'disyllable', three syllables words are known as 'trisyllable' and words having more than three syllable are known as 'polysyllable'.
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