Pair of Words

English Pair of Words

In English there are so many examples of words that look or sound alike i.e. having
same pronunciation but they have completely different meaning and are used incorrectly
in daily life.
Examples of Pair of Words: fawn and faun, loose and lose, pole and poll, principal and principle
Now a days people rely on electronic spellcheckers and sadly these devices cannot help them
in this type of situation as they can tell them if a word has been spelled wrongly but
they can’t generally flag up the misuse of a correctly spelled word. Therefore it is necessary to keep these words and their meaning in mind and their spellings.
In this post I have compiled a list of pairs and groups of words and there meaning in urdu.
These words tend to be confused because of similarity in spelling or pronunciation.

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List of Pair of Words and their Meaning in Urdu

Pair of Words
Learn Pair of Words in Urdu

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