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Higher Paying Jobs in Dubai

Highest Paying Careers in Dubai

Dubai is one of the seven Emirates of United Arab Emirates. Dubai is the developed Emirate among others because it is an international business hub in Gulf region. That is why Dubai offers best salary packages to its all kinds of employees. About all international businesses and corporations settled their headquarters in this part of the world because of its security and peaceful working environment. Higher paying jobs in Dubai demands more skills and expertise. Dubai has more jobs opportunities for international skilled and unskilled employees. Employees from all over the world want to get employment in this region because of highest salary packages and other provided facilities. Here, we have a complete list of higher paying jobs in Dubai or highest paying careers in Dubai.

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1. Chief Executive Officer (CEO) jobs in Dubai

The chief executive officer CEO is the highest rank in any organization or institution that is why he/she earn more than any other rank. However, in Dubai multinational companies frequently advertise this job and hire more competent individual to run and earn business for their company. The CEO oversees entire management and take decision on right time for his organization. He/she also induct and expel employees on the basis of their performances. In Dubai the CEO normally earn AED 100,000 per month or more than this. Therefore, this job is enlisted in the top or highest paying jobs in Dubai. Therefore it is high salary in UAE. The services of the CEO is demanded in organizations or companies like Abu Dhabi National Oil Company, Dubai World Trade Centre, Dubai Electricity and Water Authority, etc.

2. Chief Financial Officer (CFO) jobs in Dubai
The chief financial officer’s prime responsibility is to check and control organization’s finances and make sure financial stability. He/she always keep an eye on the earning and expenditures of company or organization. He/she try their best to control wastage of money or other resources and earn more than set target. However, in Dubai CFO earns AED 75,000 or more per month and enlisted in high paying jobs in Dubai, but it is also up to the experience and organization. The followings are few top companies in Dubai which hire the services of CFO just as Emirates Group, Dubai Aerospace Enterprise, Dubai World Trade Centre, etc.

3. Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) jobs in Dubai

A chief marketing officer is responsible for organization marketing strategy and put efforts to lead the company among the competitors. He/she observe market research and monitors marketing activities of competitors regarding marketed brands. He designs marketing strategy and shuffle from time to time. In Dubai a chief marketing officer earns about AED 75,000 per month and it is enlisted among high pay jobs in UAE Dubai. That is why CMO job is enlisted in higher paying jobs in Dubai. The followings few companies hire CMO’s like Etihad Airways, Emirates Group, Dubai Airports, etc.

4. Surgeon jobs in Dubai
Surgeon services are hired by hospitals and clinics in Dubai and it is enlisted in the higher paying jobs in Dubai. Dubai health services and hospitals are famous in Gulf region that is why this Emirate inducts more experienced and qualified surgeons from all over the world and pay more than expected. However, Dubai normally offer AED 50,000 per month, but it may be more according to experience and expertise. However, it is included in Dubai highest paying jobs. The followings hospitals hire surgeons and pay best salary packages. Hospitals included in this list are Emirates Hospital, Dubai London Clinic, American Hospital Dubai, etc.5.

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5.Petroleum Engineer jobs in Dubai.
Dubai is enlisted in top regions where oil is extracted that is why Dubai hire more qualified and skilled petroleum engineers. All oil refineries and sites from where oil is being extracted demand petroleum engineers. In Dubai there are hundreds of petroleum companies and sites which required seasoned petroleum engineers. However, an average salary for this job in Dubai is AED 48,900 per month, but in cases it exceeds. The following are few top oil and gas companies which hire petroleum engineers. Dubai Petroleum, Emirates National Oil Company, Dubai Natural Gas Company Ltd, etc.

6. Investment Banker jobs in Dubai
Investment banker’s prime task is to guide and advice clients regarding investments. Moreover, he/she prove financial explanation and solutions. In Dubai there are thousands of banks and commercial institutes which need the services of investment bankers. In Dubai investment banker earns about AED 40,000 per month. Dubai high paying jobs are available in banks of Dubai. Investment banker job is enlisted in the demanded jobs in Dubai. The top rank banks and institutes induct investment bankers like
Citibank, Goldman Sachs, HSBC, etc.

7. IT Manager jobs in Dubai
This is an era of information technology that is why Dubai industries, organizations and companies also need skilled IT managers. The IT manager job is enlisted in the highest earning jobs in Dubai. The main responsibility of the IT manager is to create and develop software and provide IT solutions. In Dubai software industry and electronic industries demand IT experts and offer highest salary packages. The average salary for IT manager in Dubai is AED 35,000 per month. Dubai normally induct IT manager from abroad. The following software houses and technologies companies in Dubai hire IT managers like Microsoft, IBM, Oracle, Dell, etc.

However, beside these there are many other higher paying jobs in Dubai like sales director, marketing manager, lawyer, etc.

How to search higher paying jobs in Dubai

Higher paying jobs in Dubai and other leading jobs are advertised in the leading Arabic and English newspapers. Similarly, these jobs also announced in the online websites and companies and organizations own official websites. Interested candidates can also get information of jobs advertisements through jobs alert in their own cell phones.

How to apply higher paying jobs in Dubai

The online jobs advertising websites and official websites of companies also provide facility to apply online which is free of cost. Companies and organization offers simple application form which is online and candidates just put demanded information about experience, skills, qualification, salary packages and their locations. Similarly, in some case candidates apply through traditional ordinary postal services along their curriculum vitae and relevant documents. Companies from Dubai also conducted online interviews and select qualified and skilled individuals from all over the world.

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