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Work Visa Dubai

Dubai Work Visa

Dubai is a developed Emirates and flourishing territory in Gulf region. This part of the world attracts expats from all over the world because of handsome salary packages and other offered facilities. Dubai companies, industries and organizations hire most skilled, experienced and qualified workers and experts from other countries. However, expats from overseas need valid work visa to work and reside in Dubai. Work visa Dubai and residence permit is the basic and official document that allow the foreign worker to work in this Emirate. The employees from other countries initially find a suitable job in Dubai then their relevant employer arrange work and residence permit on the behalf of the selected expat from overseas.

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Once Dubai employer gets work permit then employee enters and reside here for two months. So, after this employer complete worker medical exam, stamp work and residence permit on passport of employee. Moreover, he also attains Residential Identity and labor Card for his employee. The overseas workers can enter on visit visa in Dubai and then search suitable job then your employer will sponsor you. However, without work permit an overseas is not allowed to work legally in Dubai. Dubai is continuously demanded skilled workers because of growing economy. The overseas workers need a valid work visa to start working in Dubai. The validity of work visa is different in different companies.

How to get a Dubai work visa?

Prior to work visa for Dubai an employee gets entry permit visa then Emirates identity card and residence visa. Moreover, work visa or work permit is also known as labor card. Work visa Dubai indicates that you have a valid job offer or work contract. Work visa Dubai from Pakistan is also compulsory. Here, we have few basic steps to secure work visa for Dubai.

Entry permit visa in Dubai
Entry permit visa is the first official documents before work visa. Entry permit visa is normally released from Ministry of Labor. The entry permit visa validity is for two months and this visa holder can extend this entry visa two time. Dubai work visa is normally approve with in ten working days. However, it is also up to the Ministry of Labor and its working load, but it normally done within due time frame.

Dubai residency visa and Emirates ID card.
Once the expat of overseas worker enter in Dubai on its entry visa then employer starts the process to secure residence visa for his employee. The entry visa provides 60 days to complete the entire paperwork. Foreign worker will secure his Emirates ID from Emirates ID service center. However, carry your passport and entry visa with you to collect the Emirates ID and then starts process to get your residence visa. Dubai employer or company is responsible to arrange your work visa and fill out work visa application Form. This process need worker’s passport, and fresh pictures. Moreover, work visa application also need a copy of valid company card and commercial license of the company.

Health certificate.

The residential permit of Dubai needs a valid health certificate and it is a uniform process for all applicants of residential permit.  The applicant must submit a health or medical certificate issued from the Government hospital or clinic. It is necessary that this medical test should be done here at United Arab Emirates. It is important to know that medical test from abroad is not accepted here in Dubai UAE. Dubai employer and relevant embassy will recommend concerned hospital or clinic for this health certificate.

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Work visa Dubai requirements

The overseas worker normally carry his entry permit, Emirates ID and residency permit. All these official documents are required to finalize your work visa application. But, the followings are few fundamental documents which are required from the foreign worker for work visa. Remote work visa Dubai has different requirements. Similarly, temporary work visa Dubai                        has limited requirements. In case you are the candidate of work visa for Dubai then your future employer must handed over a list of documents which are required for this work visa application.
1. Visa application Form dully filled and signed by candidate.
2. Fresh and recommended photographs of the work visa applicant.
3. Valid passport of the candidates and its validity should not be less than six months.
4. Three copies of valid employment contract.
5. All relevant educational certificates, degrees or diplomas.
6. Certificates from professional institutes.
7. Sponsoring company’s trade license.
8. Work visa processing fee receipt.
9. Valid health certificate from recommended hospital or clinic.
10. Security clearance certificate from the employee belonging country.

Dubai work visa cost.

The work visa for Dubai is the legal document that allow the overseas worker to live and work in this Emirate. Work visa Dubai price, fee or cost is different in different employment categories. Similarly, visa cost also matter from where the expat belongs. The work visa for in demanded skills cost about AED 500, but the less skilled individual visa is comparatively expensive and cost AED 1200. However, as an employee you do not need to worry because your employer will pay it on your behalf. Work visa Dubai cost changes with the passage of time. Work visa application Dubai is comparatively cheaper than other countries work visas.

Dubai work visa age limit

In majority of cases the work visa Dubai age limit is 18 years. In case the applicant has less than this age limit then he must apply for juvenile work permit. However, the maximum age limit to work in Dubai is 60 years. But, an overseas worker also apply for work visa Dubai                at the age of 65 years. However, the final approval is issued from the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation (MOHRE).

Dubai work visa medical requirements

Dubai work visa also need a compulsory medical or health fitness certificate from the concerned hospital. The prime components of this work visa medical test are blood test and x-ray. These tests will indicate that whether an expat is suffering with any kind of disease or not. However, the hepatitis test is mandatory for the workers who will work as a babysitters, nursery or serve as a kindergarten worker. Similarly, worker who will work in health clubs, restaurants and assist at domestic level must have all their medical test clear. Dubai authorities are now very strict about health or medical clearance certificate.

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