Past Tense

Past Tense in English

Past tense as the name shows represents previous time and it is used when the verb refers to the past time. Past tense is used to describe an action happened in the previous time. In English, past tense is used to express actions or work done in the past. In past tense normally verb’s second form is used, first form with the addition of ing with was, were and had been i.e. continuous and prefect continuous tenses and third form with after had.
Past tense is used to describe:
i) Actions that happened earlier or in past
ii) Previous life
iii) Actions going on in past
iv) Old thoughts or feelings
v) actions that completed in the near past
vi) activities which began at some time in the past and continuing before current time
There are four types of past tense.
a) Simple Past Tense
b) Past Continuous Tense
c) Past Perfect Tense
d) Past Perfect Continuous Tense

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Learn Past Tense in Urdu

Past Tense in Urdu
Learn Past Tense in Urdu

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